New Sponsorship From 80/20!

Thanks to our newfound generous sponsor, 80/20 for coming on board for the 2018 FIRST PowerUp season! We’d love to recognise their support and the contributions they’ve made to help us be the best we can this season.


We recommend 80/20 for all uses, find out more at 8020.com.au


Lessons learned – 2017 season

Komplete Kaos had a fantastic time at our Australian regionals and Houston Championship and came away with some lessons and tips to make our next season even better.

Things like “Learn CAD and use it,” We created parts of our robot using CAD software to design custom parts of our robot. This was essential in manufacturing our custom parts and was integral in us being a competitive robot. We didn’t custom make everything on our robot but it certainly helped us to compete at the level we did.

See the complete list at Lessons learned – 2017