Mentors Without Borders Conference

Over the 12th and 13th, some of our team attended the Mentors Without Borders conference where 3 of the worlds top teams; 1678 Citrus Circuits, 359 The Hawaiian Kids, 118 Robonauts and a director of FIRST Canada attended. We were one of the presenters, talking about the changes made in the 2017 control system and our findings as a beta tester. Some of the things we learnt:

  • Prototyping being key to success, starting right at the beginning, and never stopping and settling for one idea consistently testing.
  • How the better teams run their schedule during build season and plan with precision for the upcoming weeks
  • WADPAN – Word all day, Play all night

Five golden rules given by Citrus Circuits are:

  1. Always use a proven drivebase
  2. Use rollers to collect game objects
  3. Steal from the best, invent the rest
  4. Keep it simple and robust
  5. Good driver beats a good robot





FTC Australian National Tournament

PrintToday marked the second and last day of the FTC national event at Macquarie University, Australia. I had the pleasure to volunteer alongside members of various Australian FRC teams at the event, having lots of fun helping out.

We also had a member competing there over the weekend, young Jonah James, competing in the Engadine High School team, #201602054 Circuit Breakers. Under a lot of pressure, the team performed well and true to their goal, didn’t finish last, with a final position of 26 out of the 32 teams there this weekend. Good effort from the lads from Engadine High School.

Overall, a great event and glad we could be part of it. Congratulations to the BaConeers on winning first inspire award, and to all other teams competing at this event and in FTC. Keep up the good stuff!