Week 5 progress

A lot has happened this week to say the least, leading into the bag and tag sprint, particularly around the new production robot. Over the weekend, the production robot chassis and circuit board were completed to high standards, allowing the rest of the subsystems to progress throughout the following days.

Gear intake

Polycarb! A lot of work went into drawing up the final shapes of the different components in our passive gear system, including a backplate of 12mm polycarbonate, 10mm polycarb landings and bent sheet metal acting as guides for the gear to fall into the right place. One production subsystem down, the rest of the robot to go!

Fuel system

Similarly to the gear intake, the fuel system received a lot of attention from the people doing the CAD drawings to send off to the people at B.A & N Whipp plastics, who found us some good plastics to use as well as using their CNC routers to cut out some brilliant components for us. We now have a clear PVC fuel tray with our logo etched in, as well as a fuel flap with the team name in font, also etched. The final place for the limit switches and cams have been confirmed, as well as the snowblower motor position. Looking good from the fuel perspective!


A new frame built, and also a new frame concept design in progress, so the CAD team got to work and sent off files to our friends at TAFE Illawarra and All Source Aluminium to cut the plate out for us. Hopefully we receive this tomorrow to finalise the design for attaching the climber to the robot.


Some major refactors happened throughout the week, with a new package being made for more effective organisation of code. This however did expose some issues in the code which were soon fixed. Joystick mapped, and code refactored for that also. The whole thing ended up being a huge refactor, then adding some new functions to the drivetrain, then another refactor. Also managed to expose an issue in the joystick, fix in progress.


We have a concept, a very good one, and hope to implement it as soon as possible. This requires the fuel posts to be mounted, the gear intake finished and the perforated sheet mounted (after being cut).

All in all, it has been a very productive week in lead up to the last weekend before bag and tag! We’ll be at the Barker Redbacks (#4613) scrimmage on Sunday, but we’ll keep posting.


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