Build Season Day 6

Today was the 6th day of our team coming together to work on our project. As the start of a new week, our spirit was revitalised and got stuck into serious work. However we had a smaller group today, with team members at various activities. This did not impact our ability to work as a team as we were more focused on our tasks.

Our core values game was more of an energising game as we brushed of the weariness of waking up early after a relaxing weekend. Our team were able to break off into the various groups to get things done.

Our rookie members focused on practising with our spare drive train chassis and getting to know how things were put together so under the pressure on comp day we would know exactly what we needed to do.

Another small group were able to review our prototype bot and tinker with it to model the real thing. This involved providing the design needed for our winching device.

Different designs for the winch have been made into prototypes as our original design may not live up to what we require. These new designs have the potential to be exactly what we need on the final bot. We also acquired a rig that allows us to test the winching device on a rope from inside the workshop.

Two of our team members returned from their activities and got straight back into working on the various projects that were running and allowed today to be a success and a step forward for our team.