Today was bag and tag. We finished our final design with the assistance of the scrimmage to find the problems of our robot that we needed to fix. We also completed our two pairs of bumpers which we plan to bag with our robot. We also worked on finishing up the rest of our essays. TODAY WE ALSO HAD TWO BIRTHDAYS Josh’s and Nathan’s we celebrated by going out to have Thai food. 


Thursday 26th 

Today the team spent a lot of time in meetings to decide a lot on What we where doing for the rest of build season and what we will look like for competition. We also finished our first design for delivering gears to the peg. We also decided to set a deadLine for the 11th of feb.

Day 1 Of Build Season 2017

Today we met at our new location Illawarra TAFE. We started with a rules test to make sure that everyone knows the rules for this years game.

With everyone together, we came up with our team’s idea for success. We picked making friends with a new team each regional and having a functional robot in every match.

Next we brainstormed ideas for what our robot is going to be. We used a process we learnt at the Mentors without Borders conference which was first talking about WHAT the robot could do, and then going through after how the robot will do it. We didn’t allow turning down ideas. Some ideas included opening the hoppers to stop the other alliance from picking up the fuel. Later we started individually drawing up designs on graph paper and then took turns presenting to the team. We had many people come up with similar and compatible designs apart from Jonah’s “Elephant” design. To finish the day, we discussed the field elements we would need and issued homework to make it up and get ready for tomorrow’s day of prototyping to help refine our ideas. After the meeting we had the James family fabricate a combination low efficiency boiler goal and loader, and the Cocca family making a peg for the gear to land on.