Thursday 26th 

Today the team spent a lot of time in meetings to decide a lot on What we where doing for the rest of build season and what we will look like for competition. We also finished our first design for delivering gears to the peg. We also decided to set a deadLine for the 11th of feb.


Ahhhh, It’s already the third week!

Today marked to start of the third week in build season.

Unfortunately our start to the day was delayed as many people were caught in a traffic jam. However when everyone arrived we began with a team meeting and a discussion of our priorities.

Two groups worked on two of the climbing prototypes. There was also a lot of work done on reaching out to our sponsors and our team uniforms. While that was going on we looked at putting limit switches onto our flap for our gear system. After our short morning sprint we went to lunch.

After lunch two members went to look at some perforated sheet for the external covering of our robot. After they got back we had a test on our new climbing mechanism which went very well. After several tests on that we began to CAD up some of the parts we needed so we could ask the TAFE teachers to help us create them, including an extra-long Toughbox hex output shaft.

Towards the end of the day the team all came together and we had a BIG discussion about where the climber would be on the robot. Even though this was a very long discussion the team came to a unanimous decision and we left knowing what our next step would be.

– Theresa

9th day of build season

It is now the 9th day of build season and we are once again in the workshop prototyping and testing concepts. We are still working on our refined gear prototype and a few different climbing prototypes.

Wollongong TAFE have kindly supported us with space, machines and teacher knowledge. One teacher used the horizontal milling machine used for gears to make us a special gear today. It was really cool to watch, we called the whole team to come and watch it being made.

There were three TAFE workers there with us and they talked us through what they were doing and answered any questions we had. It was an awesome experience and we are so grateful to the TAFE for supporting us and sharing their knowledge as well. The amount of mathematical calculations that go into making a gear was incredible. We would also like to thank ‘All Source Aluminium’ who have also come on board as a material sponsor

Coming to the end of the day the team cleaned up the workshop and headed into town to see the first day of the HONK street music festival. Which two of our team members were performing in, Jiah and I.

The team got there early and brought some food from the markets and then watched our band perform in the lantern parade and on the stage afterwards. It was good fun and a great way to end the day.


Day 8 of Build Season

Both the climbing and the gear team had their plans for the day, so after a core values game the teams went off to complete their tasks.

Now that the the climbing team mounted the wooden gear board onto the metal chassis they could start to create a string prototype for a movable flap by the end of the day they had come up with a simple design but have run into a few road blocks.

the climbing tea were building their latest prototype. By the end of the day the climbing team had a testable climbing prototype.

By around 5:30 the team was getting tired from a long eventful day so every body went home thinking about what to do tomorrow.

Build Season Day 7

Day 7 of build season was a packed day with lots of productivity around the workshop despite some team members being unavailable. There were two main goals for the day; to convert the gear prototype onto a a metal chassis, and to make another climbing prototype.

The gear prototype team’s end goal was to have the wooden design converted to the right measurements onto the metal chassis. This goal was completed by the end of the day and is working successfully and they are ready to move onto the plans for day 8.

The climbing team’s aim was to be able to build and showcase a new climbing mechanism by the end of the day. They completed building the prototype and showcased the climb to a  failure to climb, but it revealed evident flaws and the ideas to fix that are in place for the next days work.

It was an overall successful day discovering the problems with our prototypes and we are now ready to improve them. Even given the amount of students available there was a high amount of work completed.


Build Season Day 6

Today was the 6th day of our team coming together to work on our project. As the start of a new week, our spirit was revitalised and got stuck into serious work. However we had a smaller group today, with team members at various activities. This did not impact our ability to work as a team as we were more focused on our tasks.

Our core values game was more of an energising game as we brushed of the weariness of waking up early after a relaxing weekend. Our team were able to break off into the various groups to get things done.

Our rookie members focused on practising with our spare drive train chassis and getting to know how things were put together so under the pressure on comp day we would know exactly what we needed to do.

Another small group were able to review our prototype bot and tinker with it to model the real thing. This involved providing the design needed for our winching device.

Different designs for the winch have been made into prototypes as our original design may not live up to what we require. These new designs have the potential to be exactly what we need on the final bot. We also acquired a rig that allows us to test the winching device on a rope from inside the workshop.

Two of our team members returned from their activities and got straight back into working on the various projects that were running and allowed today to be a success and a step forward for our team.


Build Season Day 5

Today is the final day of week one, we wanted to end on a good note so it was straight into the work, all the prototypes are coming alone nicely and everything is going to plan.

Our gear mechanism prototype has just been finished, we have found a successful way to get the gear and put it on the peg. We are almost ready to put it together with aluminium but that is for another day.

We have started to make a easy to move electronics board for programming and testing prototypes, we have put a core control system onto the box already and are just about to be finish. Once it has been finished, it will be used to test out the climbing prototypes.

The climbing winch prototype was tested but we found that it needed to be improved as it didn’t quite catch on correctly.So we are working hard to find a way to improve the way it climbs. We are also trying to find a way to stay at the top once we reach the top of the rope.

Today was a great way to end the week with so much happening.

Build Season Day 4

Today, being our fourth day of build season, we really got stuck into the work.We began the day with our core values games to freshen up and then planned our goals for the day before splitting off into the sub-teams to complete them.

The climbing team’s plan was to develop a climbing mechanism that could be tested at the end of the day to prove the concept. After running a few successful tests we found ways to improve our prototype even further.

The gear collection and deposit team planned to have a wooden design with the correct dimensions working consistently by the end of the day. We began by improving the wooden prototype, by playing around with the positioning of the mechanism and converting it to the scale we will be working with later. We ended the day with a reliable mechanism with some minor improvements in mind for tomorrow’s work.

The team working on the portable electronics board made significant progress in attaching pieces such as the the power distribution board. In the process of making the board we tested ways to best connect our wires. We originally wanted to go with mini Anderson clips but they proved disappointing as they fell apart easily so we decided to go with standard terminal strips.

Today was another great day with the team getting a lot of work done.

-Lachlan and Nathan

Build Season Day 3

Today marks the third day of Komplete Kaos being in the TAFE buildings and getting to use TAFE equipment and getting good advice from the teachers there.

We started with our team building core values game, something we’ve learnt from the many years of FLL experience. Then, we split off into mentors and students to discuss the various awards and team administrative things.

We had a visit from the Faculty Directors during our separated meetings, so we came together to explain STEAMworks and talk about our team. It was a really positive meeting.

Once the mentors left again to talk, we decided it was time to pull apart the beloved stronghold robots. In a productive two hours, there was no more robots left in the workshop.

Over the rest of the day, we continued to work on our prototypes, moving from Cardboard Aided Design to Carpentry Aided design, with a good proof of concept design for the gear collector. The modular “shoe-phone box” electronics module is going very well, and the climber is also progressing.

We also had a good meeting with the director of Versutia Mechanica, and overall it was a very good day three.

Build season is well under way! Day 2

It’s the second day of build season and plenty of things are happening.

Today we got inducted into our new workshop by one of the Tafe teachers which was followed by a safety briefing. For the first time, our whole team got a tour around our new site, and we were excited to see the pneumatics labs and the awesome CNC machines that are available.Our team split into two groups to refine our ideas and create more detailed drawings to present to the other group. After that we had stayed together to eat lunch.

The team began making decision about who would be the driver and who would be on our drive team, leading into discussions on who would be on each team.

In the afternoon we began prototyping our gear system out of cardboard, however after a while the cardboard becomes a bit worse for wear. We are hoping to mock-up a wooden copy soon although we are on the right track. At the same time students also sorted the kit of parts and began working on how we would store all our parts.While some students continued to work on the gear system two people began to plan the essays and create a time frame of when things need to be done.

The team finished with a round of cards before heading home to get a fresh start on tomorrow’s busy day.

– Theresa