Our Robots

Team 6579 has a range of FRC robots which have competed in various games since 2015.

FIRST STEAMworks – 2017

Meet Colanderus. Colanderus is a gear running robot, capable of running up to seven gears in a match (our current record), and a climbing robot, never failing a climb. Being the highest rookie seed at both of it’s events so far, colanderus had the highest OPR for almost all of the qualifiers in the South Pacific event. Using vision tracking and a gyroscope, we can deposit a gear on either three of the pegs.

Colanderus has competed at the Southern Cross and South Pacific regional, and will soon compete at the FIRST Championships in Houston on the 19-22 April 2017.


Stronghold – 2016

5761 – Komplete Kaos

8761 – inKomplete Kaos

Because Duel Down Under is an unofficial event, teams can opt to have an extra robot in the competition. We chose to enter a second robot in, giving our entire team driver training, and the opportunity to have a greater experience in learning the skills needed for FRC. This robot follows the CAD diagrams of 1690 Orbit’s robot Skyzer, A team that made it to the 2016 Championship final.


Recycle Rush – 2015

In 2015, two of our mentors started a team and introduced Wollongong to FRC.